Back from the Beach

Irfan hitting the PSP as soon as he woke upWe spend the day relaxing essentially and organising some work at the apartment. There have been some leaking in the upper floor toilet for last few visits and it was about time we get the plumbers in. The problem was the management was pretty strick about the who and what kind of job that can be done. We asked one of the neighbours who recommended an Indian fellow from Seremban. He came  to have a look later in the afternoon.

Lunch at AvilionIrfan exploring the marinaHave to ask the skipper where he moored my yatchWe had breakfast in the apartment. We went to Avilion for lunch then went to do some shopping while waiting for the plumber to turn up. We went first to Teluk Kemang to walk by the beach. Then, we went into town centre for a stroll at one of the newer shopping area called PD Walk. It was located right next to Oceanic Mall if you are familiar with PD at all.

Waiting for Mummy to finish with her shoppingNow it was our turn!It was basically a row of roofed walkway, with a bazaar in the middle. There were a few kopitiam there, a computer shop and a few handphone kiosks. There was also a 7-eleven at one end.

PD WalkApparently they cater for all sizesI have just returned from the beach. Unfortunately it was low tide and the beachfront were full of debri. It was fun none the less. Unfortunately I will be missing the football later tonight. There was no ASTRO at the apartment.

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