Now at UMMC Casualty


It certainly has been a hectic morning. He had a fall in the toilet leaving him with a massive bruise around his left eyes. Arranged for Dad-In-law to come to Casualty while I raced to get my Mum, sending her to Pantai to keep Anita accompany for the day. I left after Idlan woke up and had his breakfast and inhalers.

Irfan was much better this morning. Dr Azam came to review and was happy with his progress. He is likely going to be allowed home tomorrow.

Dad finally arrived at Casualty at around 9. His blood pressure then dropped needing resusciatation. Thank God he responded well to initial treatment and it soon became apparent that he has had internal bleeding. The bleeding has caused his pressure to drop causing him to be dizzy.

While in the toilet this morning, his blood pressure dropped so low that he lost conciousness. He was about to do his business but the next thing he remembered was he was already lying on the floor with a sharp pain on his left eye and left side of the face.

He still managed to pick himself up and went back to sleep. When he woke up later that e realised he was not able to open his left eye. It was shut due to severe bruising and swelling. His vision was still OK however. That was when I was called.

To cut a long story short, it was again his warfarin causing his blood to go too thin. He has since lost blood through his intestine. At the moment he was having blood transfusion in Casualty as well as antidote for the warfarin. Luckily his brain scan was clear with no internal bleeding. It could have been worst.

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