Jambu anyone?


A hectic day as expected. It started off with sorting Idlan out in the morning. He needs his susu and puffers. After shower I headed straight off to UMMC. Dad was stable overnight although it was still clear that he was not stable. He needed more transfusion but with his age, we have to be careful not to give it too quickly. I asked my Urology and Cardiology colleague to have a look at his relevant parts.

He finally had his transfusion late on. He looks OK but was still unstable to be moved off the ward for scans and tests. He was also too unstable for any scopes. Transfusion is what was needed and he will be having them soon.

As for Irfan, his blood count on admission was high and to be on the safe side, he is staying for another day of antibiotics. Very likely he will be discharged tomorrow. At least I will just have to worry about Dad then. Also learned that United won the League Cup last night although rumour has it that Vidic should have been sent off for a foul. I don't believe in those kind of rumours of course.

The next order of business after I finished with Dad would be to stop by at Pantai to visit Anita and Irfan. My Mum has been looking after him all day while Anita came back home to see Idlan. Irfan's pet hamster, Bob has unfortunately died! According to Idlan it was because Irfan was not around to look after her! Need to make sure that Peter the Hamster - Idlan's pet - is fully fed when I arrive home later.

For lunch today I had a double dose of jambu with asam! Nice!