Slow connection

The Internet connection at the house has been suspect in the last week. According to P1, they were upgrading the services around Gombak and during this period, they will be outages. It was no fun when the connections were down. I guess they do most of the upgrading work outside office hours so not to interrupt their corporate clients. In the meantime, Dad was settling at home nicely. I took some blood off him this morning for tests and the levels looked OK. He got his energy and appetite back. He insisted on staying downstairs - our house’s entrance was on the top floor - and climb up the stairs for meals and TV. He seemed OK and maybe during the weekend, I may take him out for a drive. My Mum-in-law was planning to travel to Kelantan on SUnday to attend a wedding. Dad will be staying at home with us and the boys.

Earlier tonight, I was at the KL Hilton for an academic meeting. It was a small group affair, an Advisory Group kind of thing, discussing about a new treatment being made available for a blood condition called Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP for short). This was when your body mount up an immune reaction, an antibody against your own platelets, ending up with bleeding tendency. We have some standard treatment for it but it was never ideal. This new drug were being made available and the main hurdle was it cost a bomb and patient will likely need them long-term. Justifying the cost was really a challenge.

Following the discussion, we had a nice sit down dinner. The desert were superb and I only arrived home at 11pm. Irfan was already asleep by then. They had to sleep early as tomorrow will be their Sports Day.

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