Sports Day

Everybody woke up before six this morning to get ready for the Sports Day. Irfan was most excited. After all this will be hist first. Idlan woke me up to make sure we will be at the school by 7.30 am. Surely we left the house just after 7, right after they have had their breakfast. By the time we reached school, the crowd was already gathering. I must say that the teachers were just as excited as the pupils.

The main fieldKeeping the scoreApparently, the main track and field events were held earlier in the week. Today, there were mainly telematch, marches, parades and awards ceremony being held. The kindy pupils participated in the marching at the very beginning, followed by a dance routine that Idlan was involved in. There were also shows by the individual sport houses, tent decoration competition, tug-of-war, and fun event for parents. The shows were actually quite fun.

Idlan getting preparedSo was IrfanThe medals on offerIrfan’s telematch was fishing. Basically, he used a magnetic rod picking up some toy fish. There were only six pupils in his class, so it was all done within a few minutes. The same can’t be said about Idlan. He had 2 games. The first was rolling tennis ball around triangle markers using badminton racket a la hockey. I must say Idlan was the slowest. He tried to make sure he did not hit on anything, going gingerly across the bend and all. I was yelling at the top of my lung getting him to go quicker. Typical parents I thought. The second event was rolling a ball between classmate legs. He was getting tired by then with the hot sun and spent more time scratching his head than concentrating on the game.

Waiting for his turnIdlan after his dance routineIdlan during telematchIrfan getting his medalNext stop, the parents game. The task was for a partner to feed the spouse watermelon. Puan Anita in her heels ran across to feed me I thought all together half a melon. Bearing in mind I did not have much for breakfast. I nearly throw up! Suffice to say we did not win. Then came the award ceremony. Everybody got a medal, and Irfan was very excited with his. We were done by 10.30 and headed for brunch. We got home in the end just after 1 pm and had a long afternoon nap. Irfan only woke up at 6 pm. He was not asleep yet by the time I wrote this. Plan for tomorrow? I have already bought tickets for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for tomorrow midday show. That should be fun!