In Wonderland

As planned, we drove out of the house just before 11 and reached Pavilion and settled in within half an hour. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was the boys first ever movie experience at the cinema and we were not sure how they would react. We were well prepared in our sweaters and socks as we imagined the will be freezing and we were not wrong. Luckily there were blankets.

Ordering drinks

As customary, we bought our drinks and popcorns. The boys wanted some nuggets as well. We quickly settled into our seats and tucked them in. They were surprised initially at how loud the sound system was but soon their apprehension turned to delight. Munching away on their food, they were totally immersed into the movie. In fact, they recognised the characters from reading the storybook. They clapped when Mad Hatter was introduced and booed when the Red Queen strolled in. They were making noise. Luckily it was in Golden Class and there were hardly any other punters. An hour in, the both of them were already out of their seats and chatting to each other, jumping around. It was havoc. If this were to happen in a packed cinema, I was sure we would have been led out by security. The two hours passed by so quickly and they were already planning to watch Shrek in the future.

All tucked inYes! We survived it!The movie itself was surprisingly very enjoyable. I initially was not very keen since I have been disappointed big time with Tim Burton’s fares in the past. One good thing about the movie was it never ever tried to give any back stories to the imaginary characters in Wonderland. It assumed that we knew the characters or at least knew enough as not to be asking too much about where they were from. Johnny Depp was spot on as the Hatter, so was Helena Bonham Carter. The CGI complemented the scenes very well although occasionally Burton’s choice of eclectic colours did come to the fore. The boys loved the fat twin and the invisible cat. Irfan left the theatre in the end trying to dance like the Hatter doing his closing number.

Irfan tucking into his sausages
Cookies for dessert In it goesThat's how the cookie crumblesAs we watched the first screening of the day, we were starving for lunch when the movie finished. We caught a bite at Dome before going home. Puan Anita and the boys were fast asleep half way back home. So much for excitement. I was looking forward to watch the badminton, Formula 1 and football later today.

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