Well played Datuk Sir

Malaysia Boleh! #allengland2010 on TwitpicThere was something about watching Lee Chong Wei picking up the trophy that stroke a chord with me tonight. It’s not the dignity in which he conducted himself on court. It was not the humility he displayed in victory as well. But he was a true patriot. Fresh from lifting the trophy and doing a lap of honour, he went to celebrate with his fans by the court side. Then one of them threw a Jalur Gemilang his way but missed it while the stewards were ushering him away for a press call I was sure. What did he do? He turned back, picked up the Jalur Gemilang from the floor on one hand while still lifting the trophy on the other. He then passed the flag back on to the fans on the stand. I must confess I choked when I saw that. Another Datukship? He deserved more than that. But then again, his humility will just keep him in his place and his feet on the ground. Well done that man!

Picture courtesy of Astro and fellow blogger Nigel Sia.