Irfan being allowed home

The good news for the day was Irfan being discharged. Dad was also doing much better but was complaining of being hungry. He was fasted since admission and that will likely continue until he has his scope done. They were planning to do it later this morning in CCU itself. At least he was spared from having to be moved.

My Cardiology friend saw him this morning and did a scan of his heart. His heart was beating away fine and after he assured us that once the transfusion took effect, he should make a full recovery. His Hb level this morning was estimated at around 8.8 although we were still waiting for his other tests.

He was clearly getting bored and I must say I was not much of a company. What' was more important was for him to have some rest. We were cutting visitors to the absolute minimum while he recovers. It was very likely that he will be staying until the weekend.

As for Irfan, Mum and the driver will be picking him up and Puan Anita. My wife was understandably anxious to see her father. She has not met him since the fall as she was occupied with Irfan. At the moment Dad was hungry and bored which as far as I am concerned are good signs. I had to put up notices at the entrance of his room to stop the Medical Students from coming in to examine my Dad. A few of them turned up earlier this morning. Their final exams were just behind the corner and my Dad does have some good clinical sign.

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