Scope was clear

Now that the scope was done, Dad can have something to eat. His scope did not show any active bleeding. But the downside to that is we still don't know where the bleeding was from. Prof Chin wanted him to have a CT in the coming few days to make sure nothing was amiss.

Dad tolerated the scope very well since he was far from stable, we had an anaesthetist on stand by to administer medications to settle him for the procedure. It went without a hitch. Prof Goh was kind enough to loan us his new baby, a brand new scope for Prof Chin to use. With the new machine he was able to clip, laser, inject, microwave, make coffee etc while the scope was in the stomach.

As for Irfan, even though the order for discharge was given firstthing in the morning, Pantai had to conact the insurance company, Prudential to process the bill. By 3, when Anita asked the payment desk, it turned out that Prudential has not done anything with it. We even called our agent to find out what's goig on, and even she was surprised. No wonder some of my patients have been irate with Prudential as not only they were inefficient, they were fussy to release claims.

Only yesterday I told off one of the claims rep from Prudential for being too difficult with a patient's claim and asked me for explanation. I asked her to get a Medical personnel to speak to me rather than having to explain things because I'm sure there will be more confusion. Unfortunately I have too much invested in Irfan's fund thus far, plus it's not often that we claim from insurance.