A day for rest

Just a quick look at Dad before checking into work. AlhamDulillah HR was doing a lot better. He had some sleep and breakfast this morning. A few doctors check on him this morning already and everyone was pretty glad with his progress. He is now off high flow oxygen and able move on his bed without much trouble.

There were still a few tests needed doing and I will also be occupied with ward duties this morning. Anita was anxious to get to the hospital to see her father. She has not been to see him since admission. She'll probably come later in the afternoon as Idlan was at school today. When I left the house this morning, Irfan was still asleep. I have a few meeting lined up already for the afternoon. Going to be a long day.

Dad will need a rest for the next couple of days. Maybe when he is more stable he will be transferee out from CCU. My Ardiology friends certainly wants to keep him here as long as possible but I do understand that when he becomes more stable, there will be other patients who needs the bed as well. As for today, rest was what he needed.