Drive up to Ipoh


It was raining all the way up to Ipoh. It started the moment I enter DUKE. Got worst by Sungai Buloh, but then really pouring by the time I reached Kuala Kubu. There were three accidents by the time I reached Tapah, all I was sure due to people driving too fast in the rain.

At my usual haircut joint in Taman MelatiI left Gombak at around 4.30 after a quick haircut, finally reaching Ipoh at around 7.30. Luckily despite the heavy rain, there were hardly any traffic. The rain eased off by the time I arrived at Simpang Pulai, but poured down I again by the time I planned to go out in search of dinner. Decided to stay at the hotel and have the buffet instead. And I wasn't disappointed.

It's grill night tonight, the carvery was pretty decent. Even the dessert was pretty nice and I went bak up to the room after some coffee in time for the big kick-off. It's just past halftime now and the score was still even at one apiece. The game wasceryainly hotting up with United trying to up the tempo. Watching while biting my nails!

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