Invigilating - Day 1

Spent the morning invigilating the Final MBBS Exam at Perak Medical College. Similar to what I did last year. It turned out that one of the chap I was invigilating with last year was currently the Deputy Dean. So I spent some time this morning in his office before being introduce to the Dean. Proper stuff!

The exam darted without a hitch. There was not to be any major corrections, all the paper work were in order, the students all turned up on time. I was still not getting used to how different the academic building look here compared to UM. But I supposed the UM building were from a different era.

Examinations finishing soon. Have to figure out what to do for the afternoon.

By the way, Park Ji-Sung scored our winner just after I wrote the entry last night. And then Chelsea only drew with Blackburn. Game on!

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