A Masterplan

It's always very tiring turning up at work after missing a couple of days. In my case, with the last couple of days away in Ipoh, I had plenty of catching up to do. None more so than the plan I was hatching with a Pharmaceutical company friend about a workshop in the next couple of months.

The plan initially came about a couple of years back with a former housemate from Sheffield. He was working with a Pharmaceutical company then, still is now, but only in a different division. We had this idea of teaching the specifics of antibiotics therapy to the Masters students or senior Medical Officer who will be Specialist in the coming few years. The first was held in Port Dickson in 2008. We were now planning the second instalment. The discussion just now concerns the venue and the content.

It was still in it's early draft and we were deciding on the suitable speakers. We had a few in mind. A few phone calls needed to be made. The timing will also soon be finalised but I can't see it happening before June.

Program such as this I feel is quite important as the alternative would be either flying the students abroad to conferences or flying in speakers from abroad to give a lecture or two. What we needed was more coaching and sharing of experiences rather than just a one-way lecture. In PD during the last workshop, we had a voting pad sustem installed so that questions can be answered anonymously. We Malaysian are always afraid to get things wrong even though we don't have clues what the answers were. That way, we can gauge undertanding in the crowd and address issues directly. I was hoping for more of these but once in a couple of years was a good start.