Exam Day

I was stuck outside my own house in the rain again. This time, with Celcom signal deserting me. Stuck in the car and can't call out. I think there was something wrong with the transmitter. No signals! So twidling my thumb in the car while listening to some podcast.

I spent the day examining all day. Total of 6 hours examining can do your head in. Rather tired but I still have an order of business to attend. I have to get Habibah her wedding present. With the rain this heavy, I may have to ask Anita to do the buying tomorrow. I was expecting a huge clinic tomorrow and with Edmund and Habibah away, things were going to be tight. Straight after work, we will be leaving for Melaka. And the boys were really looking forward to that.

So it really is a toss up between going out or staying in. A man got to what a man got to do!