Checking in

Yes! Habibah’s wedding was this weekend and the troupe headed for Melaka. Since Friday was a long day for me, we only left KL at 7pm. It was raining heavily and the traffic was heavy before we enter the North-South Highway. We finally arrived at Bandar Melaka at around 10pm, got all our stuffs into the hotel room and settled in at around 10.30. Luckily, since the boys were asleep all the way down, they were in great mood. They were really excited as yo would expect. They checked out all the amenities … so to speak. We ordered room service and they got their supper, then ran around some more.

The main sitting areaInside the bedroomFirst order of business, room serviceI was really tired by midnight and slept on the couch. I can’t tell what time they hot the bed. We got ourself a suite right at the top floor. Cost us a bit but I think it was well worth it. He funny thing was, to get to our executive lounge and butler service, we had to go down to the third floor. We’ll look out for those the next morning I think. The boys have been making plans about what to visit while they are here. Most of the attractions were in Ayer Keroh, but that will a drive away. Might be an idea to explore the town for Saturday and go over to Ayer Keroh on the way home on Sunday. Will look into things after breakfast the next morning I think. I have a small matter of getting myself a new pair of shoes as I left mine in KL. I can’t attend the wedding in my Crocs since I will be one of the ushers, welcoming the Medics and Haematologist who shows up. It would be a good form I think …. Habibah’s family would have killed me on the spot.

Idlan stamping his markWhile all I was thinking about was .... zzzzzWill post the pics and the gossips later today!

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