Congrats Habibah


It's Habibah's wedding today, and I was there quite early having gone out to get myself a brand new pair of shoes. Finding her house proved to be a challenge since I was not familiar with the area.

Waiting for everyone to arriveThe happy couple arrivingWhen I finally got there, I was amongst the first to arrive. Habibah's family home was right beside the main Alor Gajah, Melaka and Muar road and traffic was quite heavy. But once you reached there it is pretty clear that it was a tranquil kampung. The entrance lead straight into an area of houses all occupied by her family members. So guess were lead around te compound where tents were built. There were 3 departed eating area with a separate theme.

I was lead to a tent underneath durian trees. No! There were no risk of fruit hitting my head. There were none to be seen. I shared a table with a couple of doctors who were UM gradutes from the 70s and 80s. They were talking about UH was back then. Quite an interesting lunch.

Food was very nice, biryani I'm afraid, so there went my diet. I wondered around the other tent waiting for staff from UM to arrive a few of them dis before the bride and groom arrived.

Looking so happy - kanak-kanak riang gitu!Being stopped at the entraceHabibah and Azman arrived just after 1.30, and were paraded with pantun and kompang in the background. They were wearing maroon and orange/teal theme, swamped by photographers. I left after bersanding as I have other plans with the kids later.

Weather however may be too warm for boys today, but I'll try not to curb their enthusiasm too much. We'll see what they wanted to do. As for Habibah and Azman, all the best and congratulations!

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