Just finished my morning weekend round and then a tutorial for the Anaesthesia MO. They have an exam coming up in 3 weeks and I did a session on haemostasis with them. Rather complicated but hopefully they can pick something useful up from the discussion.

Arriving for the ward round this morning, I was surprised to look at the effort made by the Paediatrics Department this morning to cheer up their Oncology patients. Something that should be commended. I wish that similar thing can be done for my adult patients but that would be highly inappropriate really. Every few month, they organised a variety show for the patients, inviting celebrities and singers with games and shows. It was very well received despite the heavy rain in Kuala Lumpur this morning. I only managed to catch a glimpse of the whole party. By the time I settle to start my tutorial, I kept being distracted by Lady Gaga playing in the background. The venue was almost full and the catering was provided by Hotel Istana which I thought was cool - our wedding was held there, mind you 13 years ago!

I was now about to leave for home. Puan Anita just called an she was planning an outing. Will wait and see what she has in mind!