Outing and a Half - Taman Tasik Perdana

Let's do it!We had enough of going to shopping malls ending up spending money. We decided to go for strolls instead. To get the boys some fresh air - if you can have any in Kuala Lumpur. We were lucky since it was not raining yesterday afternoon nor was it too sunny. It was overcast and we decided to go to Tasik Perdana. Puan Anita has been reading about the parks and hidden perks there from the magazines but we never got around to explore them. I was very familiar with the area, frequenting the Orchid Gardens, Butterfly and Bird Parks, but never actually stop by the public park at Tasik Perdana.

Rangers on their horsesThe playground area - Dino Park!Irfan bouncingAnd now it was Idlan's turn

We reached there just after 4 pm, driving past Panggung Aniversari which was being renovated and modernised. From what it looked from the outside, it was certainly awesome what they were constructing. We got some to some space to ark just outside the Lake Club and quickly made our way to the playground. After about 30 minutes of running around, we decided to walk by the water fountains and herbal gardens just round the corner. There were, I counted four couples having their picture taken for their wedding albums. It was certainly a popular spot and the backdrop were actually not bad at all. We then noticed, a shuttle service taking visitors round the parks. We took one and then we discovered the other lakes and parks in the surrounding area that we did not know about. One can enjoy paddle boat at one of the lakes, there was also a dear park, a small little lake which they called ‘the Oasis’ and a Dear Park. For 50 sens per head, the ride took us up the hill to the planetarium, around the bird and butterfly parks, which we can stop at if so we wished. We decided to take a round trip back to the playground and walk around to a cafe for a quick drink.

Taking a breatherA quick cool downDaddy refuelingAfter some snacks, the boys did some more running. We strolled around a bit more, let the boys do more climbing. We finally called it a day at around 6.30. It was a really nice outing. Guess what? When we first arrived there, I heard somebody familiar calling my name. It was my Boss. She was having a quick walk - she was heavily pregnant - with her maid and son Ee Wan. That was certainly a surprise!

More runningNewlyweds having their pics takenTime to leaveAll in all, the park was very clean by Malaysian standard. Bins were available everywhere. There were always cleaners and rangers nearby to lend a hand. The public toilets and facilities were very well kept and clean. The paddle boats sure looked aged, but the safety equipment were intact and there were supervisors overseeing things all the time. The food served to public were reasonable at the stalls. My boys enjoyed running on the grass going up and down the hills. The public park area were closed to cars, so one should not worry about kids running around and being hit by traffic. The sidewalks were wide enough for joggers and parents taking strollers around. The playground equipment were also old but appeared well maintained with all the swings and ropes in working order. The lake next to the playground were not really cleaned up and was rather too close for comfort to the benches and some of the slides. Maybe it more attention given to this particular stretch of water, maybe developing it into an area for fishing or boating. Some of the gardens and pagola needed a make over, but as the park was free to the public, maybe funding was an issue. A highly recommended place to take a young family. I found this to be more appealing than Tasik Titiwangsa as a place to jog.

Slideshow for the outing was posted here.

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