Garden @ The Curve

It was a barmy Sunday afternoon. I had to review a patient in the ward this morning, and by the time I got home, the boys were already settled in for their homework and was having lunch. Puan Anita asked if I can take her to The Curve. She was eyeing some dress last weekend and wanted to sneak out and buy it. Of course I said fine, so off we went.

The welcoming sign to the Sunday MarketThe stalls from the second floor of The Curve. Too warm for my liking!Waiting for Puan Anita to finish her shoppingBreakdance anyone?

Due to the heat, there were not that many punters doing the shopping. So at least navigating was simple. Even the vendors were finding it hard to cope choosing nearby shades rather than incubating in their tiny little stalls. While Puan Anita was doing her shopping, I went to browse around the shops in The Curve. There was a breakdance show at the main foyer courtesy of one of the local gym. Too 80s for me those dances. So I went over to IKANO. Nothing much going around either. But for Anita, she was having a blast. She did more shopping indoors after she was done with the market. At the end, to cool things off, we decided to try a new restaurant at the Curve, right at the end of the row towards cinemas, called the Gardens. We only noticed it a few week back and reckoned they must be new in town.

The menuThe elaborate ceiling decorations It was basically themed after the English Garden and the menu was pretty much fusion. Since we were still full, we decided to have snacks instead. I ordered Caesar Salads and iced coffee, while Anita had some sandwiches. To finish things off we ordered mango sorbet.

Our table - number 12 - Check please!Hail Caesar!The ambiance was really neat with pretty lightings and elaborate ceiling decorations, as you can see from the pictures. No, they were not live plants, although I wished they were. The restaurant was quite busy when we took our table, but the order zoomed in really fast. From what I can see, the chef during the shift was a tubby Malay guy who spoke in Perak dialect, which got Anita interested. The caesar was fresh with delightful dressing, although they overdid it a bit on the crouton and mozzarella side. Not much complaints really. Anita’s sandwich was really rich and tasty. It was so rich that she could not finish them off. The iced coffee was nice, and the sorbet was something else. The mango ice-cream was placed in an orange peel, topped with fresh cream. You can smell the orange while tasting the sweetness of the mango. It finished in double quick time!

Anita's sandwichesAnd finally the sorbetThe price was also really reasonable. The whole meal was under RM50, enough for the change to tip the waitress. She was nice and polite although a couple of male colleagues on duty were a bit much on the camp side …. If you know what I mean. I will certainly swing by again and apparently they also have a promotion going where kids eat free. I was not able to read the terms though. I will see what the deal was about next time I drop by. We chose a table indoors because of the warm weather, but the seats outside were just as welcoming. There was even a grand piano parked at the shade by the entrance. Shame that there was nobody playing then. Will I recommend the restaurant to friends? Definitely for snack as it would not be fair to say otherwise as I think I really need to come again to give a final verdict.

GARDEN LIFESTYLE STORE AND CAFE Lot G41, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

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