Home Alone Still


Waking up!The myalgia - painful joints and muscles - was still troublesome this morning. Sore throat was a bit less and my nose started to leak last night. Took some antihistamine and I slept uninterrupted all night. Woke up this morning to the gorgeous weather.

Puan Anita had taken the kids to Bird Park. This morning, she said that Irfan got a slight temperature. It could be viral but it was too early to have gotten it off me. More likely from school. He wa still eating allright. The only concern was will it trigger his asthma again. We shall just wait and watch I think. I will have to drive him if he were to get an attack then.

Stock in the fridgeSome more stock just in case I dry outSome junk food of courseAll in all, I felt better today and if not for the joint pain and muscle ache, I would have been possibly more mobile. The headache was gone but it was more likely due to the 3 liters of water I gulped down and the bottle of Tropicana Twister. That's another 1.5L. I better watch out not to overload myself. If I feel better, I'll probably do some literature search for my papers, Internet connection permitting.

What I wouldn't do to be able to take my SLR out and take pictures this weekend. I was also meant to do some interviews on my patients forthe upcoming CML Workshop. That will have to wait I'm afraid.