Home Alone

Woke up this morning with a touch of myalgia and sore throat after a restless night. I just couldn't get comfortable despite going to bed at around 9pm. Still woke up tired. Aching everywhere. Since I had to go see my Mum - she was travelling to Desaru with her UMNO friends for the weekend - I decided to just ignore things and got myself up. After visiting my Mum and arriving at work, the tiredness just got worst. A slight temperature and I took some paracetamol.

Saw a couple of patients who needed sorting out and when I walked into the transplant unit, I felt that I had no energy left. And that was only 8.30. Unfortunately in the last week, I was in contact with a couple of cases of "the flu", so I thought to myself, be sensible, don't be a hero.

Got some advise from my ID colleague. I was sent for a throat swab and asked to leave work and quarantine myself. A quick discussion with Puan Anita, and it seems that I will be spending the weekend alone at our Cemerlang home. The plan for chilling and outing with the boys wet out the window. We were planning to go to Bangsar and then the Bird Park tomorrow. I was also given "the drug" if I were to get worst later in the day.

So, I was back home before noon after sorting out some paperwork and discussing about patients with my colleagues. I watched a couple of movies - Vantage Point with Dennis Quaid and Forrest Whittaker was quite good. Not sure what the plan will be for later since my WiMAX unit was at the other house. Will need to boot up the E71 into a base station then.