Expensive Dinner - Harrod's KLCC

Puan Anita had to go to Kinokuniya today to pick up some books and since the boys are on their week school break starting today, we left for KLCC after I returned from work. Arriving there just after 5.30, we went straight to the book shops. After picking up the books and a bit of browsing, Puan Anita decided to take a peek at the Harrods’s store on the first floor. In terms of things to buy, there weren’t anything much interesting, but after walking in further, she saw he restaurant. Yup! That’s where we had to have our dinner then! Off we went.

Irfan contemplating what to orderBuns to kick things offThe boys ordered some fish and chips while I chose baked cod. Puan Anita had some roast beef and it was tasty! It was really nice. The ambiance was great and the waiters treated us and the boys like kings! Almost similar to the cafe at the real Harrod’s at Knightbridge, except that the place was pretty cramped and the food was Halal. The cod was baked just right. The vegetables was fresh and the dressing was just the right amount. The boys had some English Breakfast Tea and we had to order extra as they liked it so much. Puan Anita’s roast was done very well. She commented that the meat was not sticky, with no after taste. She would definitely come again.

The table settingMy seared codWe counted there were only around 10 tables, all seating at maximum 6 patrons as the whole shop only occupied a small strip of floorspace. As it was Monday evening, the restaurant was only gathering customers as we were about to leave. There was also a cigar salon on the balcony outside the restaurant, overlooking the water spouts outside Suria.

Even though the food was good and all, the restaurant was rather expansive unless you go there for special event or celebration. You certainly get you paid for in terms of food, service and ambiance. The cutlery I was sure was pure silver, so was the China being authentic. Would I go there again? Of course, but only for special celebration. Would I recommend to anyone else? Definitely, especially if they are buying my dinner! And make sure you use the facilities. The toilet were the cleanest in KLCC by a country mile!

P/S: sorry about the pix as I only carried my E71 during the visit.