Relaxing Day

At the Duta tollWe reached Kuala Kangsar just after 9pm, taking us just over 3 hours. The lack of traffic helped. I did not have to do any of the driving, our driver did the honours. I was too tired to drive anyway, coming home straight after work, a day of clinic in the morning, followed by the Nurses Day party in the afternoon. I managed to leave earlier than usual to beat the traffic. A quick shower and packing, then off we went. The boys had a good nap all the way, and they were up and about well into midnight, before finally taken to bed.

Sunset near Sabak Bernam along the PLUS highwayWhen we woke up this morning, they were still asleep, so we sneaked out to the morning market quickly to buy breakfast. Nasi lemak, roti canai and other goodies, then munch them away until late morning. The main surprise was how cheap the food were. The same amount of food could easily cost twice as much in Taman Melawati market, but not nearly half as nice!

Beli! Beli!After breakfast, we left for Taiping as Anita wanted to get some cheap clothes for the boys. Idlan wanted to stay at home, so we only brought Irfan. Taiping was only 30 minutes away by the highway, and using GPS, we did not get lost finding the Taiping Sentral Shopping Centre, one of the new establishment opened there. It was next to a Tesco and was quite crowded that day.

Taiping Sentral Shopping Mall - next to a TescoAnita spent quite a lot on the clothes, but they were all on sale. Again, it could easily cost more in KL. We then had lunch at the A&W there before heading home. With nothing much to do, I decided to take a nap, then headed out again to get the famous cendol and laksa for tea.

Irfan coming out to playQuick strollLet's go this wayMy mum-in-law went to Ipoh to visit her relatives, so we stayed back at the kampung house. After tea, we then took a walk around the kampung and let Irfan loose with the camera. A few of the neighbours children came around, while Anita handed some chocolates and cookies to them. They promptly showed Idlan and Irfan around the kampung.

Back to baseTrooping inBy the time I wrote this entry, the boys were still up watching their DVD. We were planning for an early morning, heading again to the market for breakfast, followed by lunch at an ikan bakar place that my Dad has been talking about all day. Will see if the place was as good as he described it.

Slideshow of the trip can be found here.