Heading Home via Tasik Raban

It was only a short break. We had to leave this morning for home with school and work coming tomorrow. We did not want to leave too late. I didn’t want the boys to end up too cranky the next morning. I stayed back with the boys while Anita and her mum went to the market. They certainly bought plenty of stuff to bring back to KL, fresh fish and all. We also had some relatives coming over to visit. They were the ones looking after the house while we were away. My Mum wanted to leave some money for them and asked them to do some other odd jobs. We had some problem with the main stairs being too steep. Maybe, it needed to be redone.

Reached the destinationAs the sign said, it was about 30km off Kuala KangsarAnyhow, we left the house by 11, and headed to Lenggong for lunch. There is a restaurant there whose specialty were fresh water fish. I have to confess that I am no fresh water fish fan. I don’t mind them being raw, but they have to come from the sea - that’s my rule! Apparently the place was quite famous, located along the Gerik-Kuala Kangsar road, an alternative route to get to KL from Kota Bharu should you chose to take the East-West Highway rather than via Karak. A favourite joint among convoys.

Tucking inSome ulamTempoyak - not for the faint-heartedThe place was located at Tasik Raban, just after the junction to MRSM Lenggong if you are coming from Kuala Kangsar towards Gerik. It should be on the right side of the road if you were coming in that way, around half an hour from Kuala Kangsar. We quickly settled in and ordered. Since I didn’t know much, my wife did the ordering. The best food there I must say was the pekasam - a kind of heavily salted and marinated fish. It was gorgeous. They also did drinks by the jug, which was different. Certainly with the hot weather, that hit the spot. Most of the fish there were grilled, but since I was not much of a fan, I did not really appreciate the true taste, hence I better not make a fool of myself by trying to describe them. They have the usual selection of fresh water fish - patin, keli etc. 

The convoy have arrivedBefore we left, there were a convoy of 15 bikes pulling over. Certainly looked fun in their overall and all. I took out my camera and took some snaps of the restaurant. Just in case if anyone was interested, the details of the place can be seen on the banner above.

We travelled on and reached KL by 5 pm, unpacked and unwind. The boys were already asleep by 8pm. I was feeling tired to but had to do some reading and writing. It was raining outside. I didn’t reckon I can stay up too long ……

Slideshow of this trip can be found here.

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