Gearing Up

Strolling at The CurveHad to head out to The Curve area yesterday evening to do some last minute shopping. Idlan’s birthday party will be later this afternoon, and for the last few days, I had to go out taking Puan Anita around doing her chores. Everything seemed to be falling into place nicely and InsyaAllah we will have a grand party! 

Irfan said: "I think this is what we should do"First stop was at Mama Min’s swanky new apartment at Armanee Terrace. Very nice duplex units there! Jealous! The cake were delivered but very delicate. On the way back I will have to avoid all the speed bumps and drive at 50 km/h maximum. Ear plugs would be necessary with the honks I will hear from the more impatient drivers behind me later.

There was always time for a quick dodgem. Move!Next, The Curve, for a bit of shopping, then dinner, and more shopping. Puan Anita felt that the goody bags and party packs were pretty light weight still. So, she got some more stuffs to cram in.Diner at Marche, as requested by the birthday boy. Then a stroll. The Curve and the open air area sure looked nice in the evening, although it was still muggy and warm. Sure wish that we live around there but the trouble will be that we will spent too much money shopping. It was already difficult as it was now! 

Irfan still giving his opinionFinally we got everything sorted out. Back home, more wrappings and last minute decorating needed to be done. The party will be from 11, so better get everything sorted out  quick so that there will be no drama in the morning!