Party Time

Been a long and tiring day today. Finally all the preparation came to fruition. Idlan's birthday party was a blast. The cake from Mama Min was a hit, the food was great and the venue ..... say no more.

Of course there was the initial concern of the weather. It has been raining all night and all morning. The boys also woke up late with the cool weather. The cake which we picked up last night also suffered a minor ..... injury. I mean the centerpiece went wonky and was in need of some last minute touch up. Luckily, Mama Min was obliging and came over to the party venue.

The turn-up was also great. I only invited close family. All who were invited came, and Idlan was left grinning from ear to ear carrying home his sack of presents. He opened the first one - a Lego car from his friend at school.

Right, I am being honest here. I need to go through some 400 snaps from the day - courtesy of my brother-in-law, Salleh. That will take some editing and will take the whole evening. I will be traveling to Penang tomorrow morning to attend my cousin's wedding. And there was also this small matter of the Champion's League final in the early hours of tomorrow morning. I'll probably give that one a miss I think.

I have already planned to take Monday off. Hopefully I can have some rest then. Maybe I can start writing about the birthday party then as well. Happy weekend.