The R2D2 cake - Idlan's Sixth Part II

Idlan has always been a big fan of Star Wars and when asked what does he want for the cake, he answered “R2D2”. We can only think of one person who can conjure such cake - Mama Min. It was quite late when we finally made the order, but luckily she agreed. Hurrah!

Mama Min on hand to fix it!It was all right againWe went over to Damansara at pick up the cake the evening before the party. And since the cake towered over the base, it was kinda flimsy and may topple over. The journey from Damansara back home was also precarious at times. We felt that we hit all the bumps along MMR2 to reach home. Unfortunately, we got hone, we realised that one of R2D2’s leg broke and it was slanting at an angle. A quick tweet and Mama Min arrived just prior to the party at KL Bird Park to save the day!

Time for the slaughterMaking a wishThe boys plotting the downfall of R2D2. Trust the force!The cake was certainly a hit. Many people thought it was just not possible to make such a cake, and let alone, it tasted really yummy as well. By the time it was time to pack up and go, only the R2D2 robot was left - it was set aside for Daddy! All the guests remarked that not only the cake looked awesome, they were surprised that it tasted nice. Often we were disappointed that the cake only looked aesthetically pleasing but as for the taste, it left something to be desired.

Oh no! It's gone!Julia's cupcakesMy sister, Julia also brought some cupcakes she specially ordered. That was also finished in double quick time. Since it was raining, we ended up cutting the cake earlier than planned. The original plan was to take a tour of the park before lunch, topping it off with the bird show, then coming back for the cake cutting thingy. Next entry …… bird show!

Slideshow of the party was uploaded here.

More of Mama Min's amazing creations can be found here.

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