And the rest - Idlan's Sixth Part III

As I mentioned earlier, since it was raining on the morning, we had to change some of the plan. We decided to have the cake cutting early and an earlier lunch. Following that, we rushed to our seats at the amphitheater for the bird show.

Jeremy gathering the troopI thought the white parrot must e the chairman of the welcoming committee For those of you who have not been to the KL Bird Park before, it is the world’s largest free flight indoor bird park - which means that it was essentially a giant tent where birds were free to fly around under it. The park was built on a small little valley, and at one of the end was a small waterfall with an amphitheater built at the bottom of it. This was where the bird show was held daily, starting at 1 pm. Anyone with the entrance ticket can just drop by, and the 30 minutes show were hosted by the park rangers, and featured eagles, parrots and other birds performing tricks. The theatre was very comfortable with wooden seatings and well ventilated. Luckily as it only just stopped raining, the weather was still cool.

A decent-sized crowd turned up for the showAs part of the party package, we were given front-row seats. The show started off with a welcoming banter between the ranger and a talking parrot. There were other small tricks right after, and then the ranger called out for Idlan, announcing to everyone that it was his birthday. Rather than freaking out, Idlan enjoyed that and stood up to bow and wave - I guess his plans for world domination was going as planned!

Idlan eagerly waiting for the eagle to fly byJeremy showing us the owlOne of the cousin with a hornbillWas trying a new treatment for my grey hairsThe highlight of the show was the flight of an American eagle snatching a piece of meat at the end of a stick held up by the rangers. After a couple of demo, they then called Idlan to volunteer to hold the stick up. With a drum roll, the ranger blew a whistle and the bird came zooming down and before you knew it, grabbed the piece of meat. The ranger was of course holding the stick with Idlan to keep him steady. Idlan didn’t flinch and again he enjoyed the trick. I did not get any picture as I was with him at the time. It was over before I can do anything! And yes, Idlan still had ten fingers. I counted!

One last pic with the mascot
All packed up and ready to leaveTime to open the prezzieNext was a quick tour around the park, where our guide, Jeremy, told the children about the birds on display. We then fed the ostriches and play with parrots, owls and other tropical birds. We also visited the nursery where the children were thought about egg and hatchings. The children really enjoyed the feeding. The birds were all around them - and also was on top of my head. They then enjoyed some ice-cream in the hot sun, before heading back to the restaurant for some refreshments. We were then joined by the park mascot again for more games and pictures before finally calling it a day by 3 pm. Since it was held at a venue rather than the house, all we had to do was pick up the prezzies - no cleaning up needed! Hurrah all around!

The slideshow for the party can be found here.

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