Chinoz for Tea

After my trip the KL Design Week, I took the boys out to Tasik Perdana for a spot of fresh air. Unfortunately, it started to rain soon after, and we had to scramble off. Since it was still early, we decided to get ourselves some tea. The easiest to get to was KLCC with its convenient parking and easy exit via the elevated highway. So off to KLCC we went. We decided to have the bite at Chinoz.

Candle-litPizza .... hmmmmm!Trying out the nachosSince it was raining heavily outside, the waitress was kind enough to seat us at the dinner table, away from the smoking area. Both Idlan and Irfan love the food there, especially the tea and pizza. However, over the years, the place has been suffering from its own hype. It used and still is a place of celebrity hang-out, but with the opening of ‘Apartments’ and other new joints around the area and to a certain extend the Mandarin Oriental, the place seemed to have lost some of its exclusivity. The quality of the food has certainly came down a notch compared to a couple of years back. The menu has evolved, and it was still the place to get sushi in KLCC - Sakae Sushi is nothing compared to here - but if the management was not careful, they will start to lose customer. Where do I prefer to have dinner in KLCC? Top of the list was Spice of India, then the Chinese nearby - can’t quite remember the name. Soon, Harrod’s will beat the both of them, if not for the cost to dine there. If not for the pizza and sushi, I might go there less frequently.

Top if off with some iced chocolate .... with a lump of ice-cream on topSo we had our tea there yesterday. We had our pizza, and I tried the nachos. Not bad, although I wished that the nacho crackers were a bit fresher.

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