PD Day Trip

Given a scolding from Idlan for not taking him straight to the apartmentAs mentioned before, we were planning a quite weekend in with Anita having cough and all. Everybody woke up extra early on the Saturday morning and by breakfast time we were wondering what to do. Unfortunately I have firstly the weekend ward round to do, then the Calibration Exercise for the upcoming Masters Exam. A day rip was therefore all that was possible. Tiring, but if we plan well, it will be worth it. 

The nasi daun pisang really hit the spotIdlan helping to carry stuffs up to the apartmentIdlan decided that we should have a quick trip to Port Dickson for an afternoon dip, and then travel back the evening. When we were packing - traveling light was never in Puan Anita’s vocabulary, I got a phonecall from my sister. She was moving to a new house in Kajang and will be leaving my Mum all alone for the weekend. My Dad was in Penang for a business trip and will only be back later on the Saturday afternoon. We thought, why not bring her along. Went to pick her up, and before we know it, we were already in PD by lunchtime. We headed straight for the Golf Club and had the traditional ‘Nasi Daun Pisang’. The PDGCC does a good lunch set every weekend. They have recently changed their menu, but the ‘nasi daun pisang’ lunch stays. Good stuff, and way cheaper than the one from Jalan Gasing, unless you count the cost of fuel and toll of course. They also do a nice breakfast selection - nasi lemak and roti canai with teh tarik, which we normally order all three.

At the pasar malam - ordering my laksaStraight to the apartment next. I had a nice afternoon snooze, with the fan on, listening the sound of the waves. Irfan woke me an hour after. Anita wanted to hit the Pasar Malam to get some tea. Every Saturday afternoon, about 5 minutes drive from our apartment at Bayu Beach, there was an night market at Si Rusa. Compared to KL, the food there were both cheap and much better quality-wise. I always had the laksa, kebab and apam balik from the same stalls. Should any of you happen to be in PD on Saturdays, drop me a line and I will guide you to which stall serve the best food.

By the beach - but the rain was comingAfter tea, it was time to hit the beach. Complete with spades and other assorted tools, the boys got to work on the sand, before hitting the water. Unfortunately, we only managed about half an hour this time as the rain was coming our way. We got back into the apartment just in time. A quick shower, then we ate some more while waiting for Maghrib before taking both Anita and my Mum for a nice Mother’s Day Dinner. I’ll blog about that one later! The photos from the trip can be seen here.

Sunset before Maghrib

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