Hung Parliament

I was quietly following the election in the UK in the last few weeks. I guest, my interest in politics have not diminished over the years. I hate to be political. I believe that the best philosophy in blogging is to write your best and connect the rest. It is best to write about things you are familiar or passionate with and browse the internet and link the rest that you don’t know much about. Therefore I am not going to talk much about election here - you can get plenty of them kind of talks from the mass media - after all, you know who owns them.

When I was in the UK, I had the opportunity to cast vote a couple of times, including the time when Labour and Tony Blair came into power. In the UK, once you are a PR, you get to vote, so I did. The voting there was more civilised. The debate on the television were more mature in civilised. Not of this mud slinging, and certainly, the government got not much say on what the BBC publish. In fact, BBC tended to be vehemently honest, exposing the flaw of the government. None of this cover-up. Another very obvious difference was the print media. There were at least three main broadsheet newspaper in the UK, and they were open in their support of certain political parties. They were openly biased, but at the same time, the articles were very succinct and well-research. I know a few newspaper people locally, some of them being my patients, they were not allowed to be opened unfortunately. They can’t really write what they wanted, or at least their editor will not allow certain things being printed for fear of phone calls later pushing them for resignation. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean … and this was coming from a Government supporter ….. Sad isn’t it.

The campaign in the UK were also more subdued but more personal. The actual candidate will go to the doorsteps of their constituents. Something that only happen here during by-elections. Look at the focus the MIC candidate got during his campaign in Hulu Selangor. I was sure he will cringe thinking about it looking back 20 years!

It turned out that the Conservatives did not quite get the majority they wanter. They got the simple majority and will have to broker a government somehow in the next few days. The obvious loser was the Lib Dem. I was expecting Nick Clegg to gain more seat compared to the last. That would have eaten the Labour votes and allow for a clearer result. Shall wait, see and hear the debate. Fascinating. Wishing that one day, this will happen in Malaysia.