Scouting report

Since I spelt halfway during the Eng-guur-land game last night, I woke up extra early today. Got my gear ready and went about scouting for the route for the upcoming Scott Kelby Photowalk coming up next month. I ended up with blisters on my foot, but one had to suffer for art I suppose. I snapped the photos using the phone with the GPS on to track my position and will be discussing the route with my co-organising colleague later on this afternoon.

The route I scouted this morning was from the car park at Jalan Alor, walking towards Bukit Bintang. I then walked towards Pavilion. We will probably spend some time around here doing cityscape photography and candid snaps. The next stop will be KLCC via the Convention Centre which should be within 15 minutes on from Pavilion. This was when things get a bit complicated. Maybe w will spend more time by the park, taking more snaps.

The next challenge will be the route back. I walked through Jalan P Ramlee past the then deserted sports bar. My idea would be to start the walk possibly late afternoon and by the time we arrive at KLCC, it should be just before sunset. Therefore, it will be early evening when we pass by the sports bar again. My only worry would be afternoon rain if we start late. Alternatively, we can start late morning, maybe around 10, spend the afternoon at KLCC, before doubling back towards the PapaRich at Bukit Bintang near where we park for a spot of tea and maybe a slideshow as suggested with one of the organiser colleague. We will thrash the plan out later in the afternoon and possibly get somewhere!

For a more complete look at the route, please visit my flickr link here, where the photographs will be geotagged. The slideshow for the walk can be seen here. All the photos from this page and the slideshow wee taken using a mobile phone! You can sign up for the walk on this link.