Old Victoria Station

In the years gone by, we had always regarded that Victoria Station serve the best steak in town. However, we started to spot some worrying trend in the last couple of years. The steak had become less succulent. The seasoning was not as nice and even the quality of the vegetables had deteriorated. Basically , the management lost focus and stopped realising what the had developed over the years and taken it for granted. I used to go there very couple of months for the spare ribs, but lately I was not even bothered.

Right after the concert, my Mum-in-law wanted to swing by to have lunch. She wanted some lobster for some reason and the boys, still excited form the concert wanted some fish and chips. The new place has recently had a facelift and what possibly was a change in management - if not in terms of member, at least in style. The menu was slightly different with a few new items added on, but the price has also gone up. None of the steak were less than RM50 now. My spare ribs was RM57 plus tax. 

But for the price, the old taste were back. The spare ribs was very well prepared, with the gravy just nice, and was at just the right potion. The vegetables were fresh like it used to be. The mango and shrimp cocktail were very nice, and the juice were freshly prepared, although I suspected that they put in too much syrup as it was way too sweet despite the ice cubes. And the boys enjoyed their chips with mushroom sauce.

It seems that the place had returned to its roots, based on the quality of the meals. The service, as usual was decent, although I missed the Pilipino waiters who used to take care of us very well. I remember having had the same waiter attending to us for a few visits. Both him and his wife have since left for the Philippines. The waiters were now from the sound of it, local. I don’t really mind that. What I don’t like was foreign waiters who can’t even talk in English or Malay properly. That really got me going!

Station Ampang - 243, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur - Tel: 03-4257-3388. For more information, please click here.

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