Birthday Celebration

Yeah! 38 today! Should be grateful with everything Allah gave me, family, stability and health. This year, with my colleague returning from Ireland, I have decided to take some time off work, to celebrate the birthday and also the World Cup Finals. It happened to be my father-in-law’s 75th as well on the same day - quick tip, one sure way of getting a father’s blessing in marrying his daughter is to have the same birthday. It was also a sure way to make sure your wife remember your birthday and for the kids to get really confused and started asking - “who’s birthday is it really? Dad or Granddad?”. Worked for me like a charm!

Irfan didn't think much of itWhile Idlan busy smearing his bread ..... la di daIt was a bright start for the day. Gorgeous weather. I had the duty of being a chairman of a session for the Malaysian Society of Transplantation in Subang in the late morning. So I had lunch with a few friends there. Had to rush back since Puan Anita had a date with on Edward Cullen - don’t really know who the hell he is, heard that he is dead ugly! - at  the cinemas. So I was on babysitting duty. The highlight of the day will be dinner at Harrods. We booked a table for eight with one of our auntie coming along. Since we booked for dinner at 6.30, there were hardly any other patron at the restaurant, which was sensible since the boys were in their elements, running around and all.

I went for asparagus as starterEverybody had the beef and Yorkshire pudWhile I had some codCheers eveyoneEverybody ordered beef and Yorkshire Pudding - sigh! I went for the cod instead! Even Idlan finished a couple of slices of the roast. Fat boy! We enjoyed some cakes and pudding afterwards. Thank you Puan Anita for organising the dinner for me and Dad. After all the medical scars he gone through earlier in the year, having to be admitted twice into UMMC, there were course for celebration. It’s a shame that my other two brother-in-laws can't join us. One was abroad, and another had a prior engagement.

A slice of birthday cake to finish things offBread and butter puddingBurp!However the celebration has not finished yet. We were planning to travel for seafood lunch today on Sunday to Kuala Selangor. More food ahoy! I was also eternally grateful for all the facebook messages, tweets and emails I received to wish me a Happy Birthday. Really appreciated them.

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