Birthday Lunch

As tweeted, the family went out for lunch in Kuala Selangor. Fresh seafood. Sunday afternoon. Nobody would say no to that. Add to that gorgeous weather and smooth drive. It was a pleasure.

Got there in one pieceI wasn't joking when I said freshThis is a frequent place for us to dine, every couple of months or so. It took around an hour and a half to get there. Via Sungai Buloh, then Ijok. 70 km on the clock to reach the place. Kuala Selangor has certainly changed over the years. There are now big shopping areas with Tesco making a big investment there. A couple of brand new highways were also being constructed, one connecting Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor, and another as part of the West Coastline highway between Kelang and Lumut. The road was rather winding once you pass by Sg Buloh but it was well maintained. I kinda enjoy the drive there and I can imagine those on big motorbike would enjoy is as well. The main attraction there is the Kg Kuantan Firefly Reserve. I have never been personally there, but from what I heard, it was well worth the trip to enjoy the fireflies in the early evening. I heard that they were building a resort near there as well.

Condiments .... checkedDrinks .... checked - my mum-in-law's dragonfruit juice that wasHere comes the dishesThe restaurant we frequent was located in a small village just north of Kuala Selangor town, heading towards Sabak Bernam. Just across the river, taking a left turn into Pasir Penambang. It was a quiet village, mainly inhabited by Chinese doing business processing fish and other sea products into dried salted fish and crackers. There was a small fresh fish market but after a couple of trip there, the price there was really expansive compared to if you haggle directly with the fishermen. There was only a couple of big restaurant there. The one we went to was called the Riverview. Simple and understated, but it certainly serve fresh, delicious seafood at a very reasonable price.

All was doneTime to goMy father-in-law did the ordering and we got our favourite sweet and sour crab and steam fish. And did I finish them all? The restaurant was also an antithesis of 1Malaysia. The patrons came from all races, with occasional Mat Salleh thrown into the mix. To get the coordinate of the place, it would be best just to click on one of the photos which will land you onto my flickr page. There, you can find the exact coordinate. It’s highly recommended if you have a spare time for weekend lunch. A nice drive and great food. But beware, there was a long queue for table yesterday as the place can be full during weekend. So, drop by early. We reached there just after noon. Be sure to try the freshly baked bread that goes very well with the gravy of the meal you choose. 

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