The Proposed Route

The proposed meeting point - no, I don't have shares thereHere we go! We will start off from Central Market. Best bet would be to park across the river at Dayabumi, or alternatively to use public transport. We will congregate at Restoran Yusoof dan Zakeer, right next door to the Central Market building. On Saturdays, watch out for the market stalls along the lane in front of the restaurant. We will have breakfast there from 9.30 before embarking on our walk at around 10.15 at the latest. Please be on time. As soon as we get a big enough group, we will start off. For my contact, please DM me on flickr or twitter @harisrahman. Let me first make one thing clear – anyone can join up even if they have yet to formally register. You are welcomed to join in or leave at any point, as long as people are aware that you will be doing so. None of us will be doing any head count! But beware, the obligatory group photo will take place at the beginning, not the end! LOL!

The restaurant might be hidden behind these canopiesWalking behind a stageCrossing a bridge towards Kompleks DayabumiWalking through the carparkUntil we emerged on the other side. Looking right towards Dataran Merdeka. Will be turning left instead.We will then walk past Dayabumi on our left, towards the train stationWe will make our way around the Central Market area before pushing on across a small bridge towards Dayabumi, through the carpark and the basement shops there to the other side, which lead us onto the main road, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. Turning right will take us to Dataran Merdeka. We will be turning left instead, towards the Post Office Building, down the hill along Jalan Tugu, heading for the Old KTM Station, and Headquarters. We will linger here for a while, before crossing the underpass towards Masjid Negara. Next up will be a trek towards Dataran Merdeka. We should be there well before midday. After snapping the architecture around there – the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the tall flagpole and the Royal Selangor Club, we will head towards Masjid Jamek. There are restaurants here for lunch. There is a mamak restaurant, a Malay restaurant, and other fast food outlet – Burger King and McDonald’s around the Masjid Jamek Monorail station. There is also a 7-Eleven there.

We will head towards the old train station, now converted into a hotel. From here we will use the terowong to the KTM headquarters and Masjid NegaraQuick glimpse at the old stationThe KTM Headquarters right oppositeWe will then walk past Masjid Negara towards Dataran Merdeka - the Bangunan Sultan Abdul SamadThe famous flagpoleDataran MerdekaAfter lunch, we will linger around the Lebuh Ampang area, maybe snapping and joining the Dzohor crowd at Masjid Jamek, before heading towards Chinatown. We will pass by Lebuh Ampang, Central Market and its annex, and Bangkok Bank – more architecture and urban snaps, just in time to reach Chinatown/Petaling Street. A quick check on the internet, in terms of happenings in the city, there will be an AV exhibition at the Marriot, a few new shows opening on the theatre, a silat festival at Central Market the next day – 25th July, some poetry reciting demonstration at Dewan Bahasa, otherwise there were hardly any event happening on the day nearby.

Proposed lunch site - around the Masjid Jamek Monorail station, a few eateries there.We will then walk by the Masjid Jamek - on the spot where Sg Gombak met Sg KelangWe will then walk further towards Chinatown, via Bangkok Bank and absorb the atmosphere

We will spent the rest of the walk at Petaling Street. For those who have not ventured to Chinatown recently – myself included – the place has really been transformed. The rooftop canopy being the main one, hence should in be raining in the late afternoon – we should be fine. The canopy covers the whole of the main street. Halfway up, we will reach a junction, with another path cutting right across. The landmark here will be the chestnut stalls – buah berangan. Turning right will take us towards Hotel Malaya at the end, and left to the China Town Beautique Hotel with stalls all along the path. Straight on from the main path will take us deep into the business part of Petaling Street where the main bargain and business were to be had, when we talk about counterfeit stuffs etc. On my previous dry run, I don’t think the storekeepers there appreciate us coming in with our camera without buying their wares. Better to stay away from that part unless you fancy some bargain yourselves. The area was colouful to say the least and everyone will be free to roam. The final stop will be where we started in the first place, Central Market – Restoran Yusoof dan Zakeer maybe a good landmark to meet up should everyone wish. Following that, we can also roam around CM, have tea. It should be more crowded at that hour.

Hotel Winsin across Bangkok BankFinally reaching Petaling Street properIt will be crowded late afternoon on a SaturdayThe canopy I mentionedColours everywhereThe beautique hotel at one endCheck uot this old-school apam balik vendorDuring my prior discussion with Shafina – our co-leader, has a few ideas of footing in a photoslide event at the end of the walk Venue was the issue. I will keep everyone updated should there be any news.

Finally basking in the glory of a successful walkJust a friendly message to everybody joining. Do distribute and exchange your phone numbers at the beginning as should some of us be left behind a quick phonecall could make all the difference. Be safe. Travel light, not with all your gears hanging on you etc. Be sensible. Travel at least in pairs. The more the merrier. The area we shall be venturing in will be full of people as the theme will be urban. Wear a comfortable pair of footwear. But most importantly, have fun. Looking forward to meeting up and getting to know all of you!

A more complete entry with pictures of the route can be seen in my blog at / – but only in a couple of days. I need time to go through all the photos to upload. Take care.