Tasik Perdana Again

It has been a long week, hence a certain lack of update in my blog. Those who follow me on twitter will however remember about both my boys, Irfan and Idlan, so was Puan Anita being ill earlier in the week. Irfan got ill initially, then passing it on to Idlan. Idlan needed to go on antibiotics due to high fever. Alhamdulillah, both of them were fine now. Yesterday, they became restless at home. I decided to take them out in the park.

The park was currently undergoing renovation. The pathways were being dug and the tiles were replaced. New trees were planted and old ones were trimmed. It was a nice day, albeit cloudy. Nice for a walk in the park without being too warm. Due to the renovation as well, some of the car park spot were closed. We parked further down the road, an area unfamiliar to the kids. So walking up were rather exciting for them. Irfan wanted to see the herbal garden. But after a few snaps, the pull of the playground was a bit too much. He can’t resist no more.

We spent more than an hour there, until it started to darken out and drizzle. We managed to get into the car just in time. Next, it was time for early dinner. We set off for Japanese in KLCC. More on that later …….

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