Nippon Tei, KLCC

After the hour we had at Taman Tasik Perdana, all of us were hungry. When he was having fever, Idlan kept on telling us that he wanted to have chicken teriyaki. Now that he was much better, we decided to have some. Since we ended up in KLCC, we thought we might try Nippon Tei again. The place certainly has changed a bit …..

Dozo! Dozo!The temaki to start withIt still looked the same from the outside. The menu still looked similar, but it had been more than a year since we last came to visit. The problem with place was, they did not seem to be able to cope during peek time. Order came late, even sometime needed reminding. It was early evening. The place was already half full by then. We decided to go in anyhow. To our surprise, the service had improved tremendously, and the food was definitely much better than before.

The excellent starfruit juiceI have to admit upfront, it wasn’t the cheapest Japanese outlet in town. Certainly the place was more expensive than the excellent Express Sushi at Great Eastern Mall. But compared to before, it was miles better. The service was much quicker, and the staff seemed much more friendly and accommodating. We started off with sashimi and temaki. We ordered the garlic fried rice - which was excellent - for the boys and chicken teriyaki bento for Idlan. The teriyaki was served piping hot on a hot plate, still simmering with juicy goodness. Both Idlan and Irfan enjoyed it, Irfan later licking the crusted gravy off the plate, it was that tasty.

The teriyaki has arrivedThe sashimi was fine, rather on the expansive side - about RM30+ for 5 slices. I get twice the amount at almost half the price at Express Sushi. The fruit juice was excellent. I also ordered some unagi and rice as my main dinner, and it was really nice. The sauce was very good, and the eel was well-cooked. I must say that I was really impressed with the garlic fried rice - something I would try on the next visit.

Irfan munching awayAll in all, it was a great dinner out. The boys especially Irfan enjoyed it. Idlan enjoyed the miso - nobody can resist MSG I supposed! The restaurant was located on the fourth floor of Suria, on the Isetan end, right next to another Japansese eatery - one which I suggest you avoid - Sakae Sushi. The teriyaki was well done, and I suggest those visiting should try them.

Teriyaki no more - after Irfan done with it. Here seen licking the hotplate dry!

Would I go there again? - Most definitely, and I will order the teriyaki, temaki, garlic fried rice and starfruit juice. If you’re into Japanese and happened to be around KLCC, you should definitely give the restaurant a visit.

Lot 426/427 Level 4 Suria KLCC, KLCC, KL, 50888 - Tel: 603-21614176 

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