Third Kelby Photowalk

It was a memorable day. And it was a long day. KLickr participated in the Third Annual Scott Kelby Photowalk, and I was asked to select the route. Reading through my scouting pictures, I am sure that you were familiar with the proposed route. We started off at Central Market, at one of the mamak stalls there. Around 30 people participated and we left on time just after 10.15.

The route was plottedStarting pointBack to the wallWhen I woke up earlier in the morning, I kept my fingers crossed since there were heavy clouds around. Luckily it held, but the weather through out the walk was a rather overcast one. Although it was not too hot, the mood was also rather dull. We started off towards Dayabumi, then the train station, spending some time at the platform. We then pass by Masjid Negara, towards Dataran Merdeka. By the time we reached there, the group was already hungry.

Spotted by the Dayabumi carparkLast postBy the platformThe KTM StationQuick snackAt Restoran Warisan, near Dataran MerdekaWaiting?Putu anyone?Most of the group called it a day after lunch, which was had at a ‘daun pisang’ restaurant near Masjid Jamek. By the end, only a handful of us continued on towards Chinatown. As you can imagine, it was a tiring affair. I called it a day after Chinatown, walking back towards the spot where we started. Will wait for next year, but from my reading the Malacca group had tons of fun. I might be joining that walk for the next year’s chapter, just for the experience. All together, I processed about 160 photos taken on the walk.

More photos in the coming entry.

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