PD Escapada

Such gorgeous weatherLast week, I was asked to attend a UM course in PD. It was held at Corus Paradise, not far from our apartment at Bayu Beach. Puan Anita and the boys joined me later on the trip - I had to reach there early in the morning. I only got to spend a single evening there since I had to come back to KL for the Scott Kelby Photowalk and on calls by Friday evening.

I was actually quite impressed with the room layout at Corus Paradise, although the maintenance was rather lacking and the wing I stayed in - the lowest floor - seemed rather damp. I did not however spend the evening there - went over to stay in our apartment instead - but I had a barbecue dinner there on the evening. Unfortunately, the food was nothing to write home about, even though they had a good setting and all. Which was a shame.

Straight from my course, I joined the boys at the beach. The weather was gorgeous, but unfortunately there were some low clouds at the horizon, blocking the sunset. Getting to the beach was cool enough, so I must not complaint!

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