20 years ago

The two generations of Rahmans, Idlan and me17th August. A memorable date this for me. Exactly 20 years ago, in 1990. It must have been the proudest moment in my parents life. At least my Mum’s. Maybe topped up by the day I got married to Puan Anita and both Irfan and Idlan were born, the proudest day of my life as well. Exactly 20 years ago, just before midnight I jumped onto MH 002, heading for London Heathrow with another 70 or so colleague on our journey as part of the BTU 6 crew.

Most of us were good mates by then, spending 3 months at the SUNY (State University of New York) campus in Subang Jaya for our English Preparatory Course. We didn’t have to pass the course. We were just really having fun. I did not stay at the hostel, driving back home everyday. The course was also during Italia 90 then, so I was more occupied about football then listening through lectures.

That was followed by the obligatory Biro Tatanegara camp prior to leaving overseas. I had to sit through 2 of them prior to my flight abroad. The last one being in Kota Bharu exactly a week before. So all pumped up, decked in suits, we boarded the DC10 - I repeat, a DC10, with a stop over in Dubai I think it was.

Everyone came with parents and loved ones. A few were sad to leave family and of course their girl or boyfriends back home. I was not sure what to expect. What had to be said had been said on the previous few days. I remember my aunties and uncles coming along as well. It was a proud evening. 20 years down the road, I still remember that evening very well.

Most of my friends boarding the same flight have since returned. Some are still abroad. Most of the groups were doctors. Some lawyers and accountants. Unfortunately lost touch with many of them already. I am sure all of them remember the events that evening as well. Nuff said!