Under the weather

It all started on the first day of Ramadhan when Puan Anita was down with diarrhoea. She developed muscle ache and fever the next day. Myself and the boys were still fine. But during sahur on early hours of Saturday, Idlan started vomiting. He then developed fever and been unwell through out the day.

I thought I was OK. Had my sahur as usual, then went out to do my ward round in the morning. Halfway through, I started having muscle ache. Rushed through and managed to see all the patients. Felt really bad while driving and by the time I reached home, it was doubly bad. Muscle ache started setting in, Slept the rest of the day. Idlan did not get any better. He started having diarrhoea overnight. At least Puan Anita’s fever came down, even though the muscle aches were till there. We are bracing ourselves that It was not more than just a viral fever. I fear the dreaded mosquito-borne virus that is pandemic at the moment …….

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