Corus Paradise

Wow! Little that I realise, the claim by a fellow blogger was actually true. A quick search revealed that there has been numerous attack on swimmers in Port Dickson by crocodiles, and a recent one in January happened at Corus Paradise. So far, the spot I was at near our apartment has always been crowded, but on learning about these incidents, I should be extra careful. I guess it is best to pick a spot where there are a lot of watersport activities. Although it was a pain swimming at Bayu Beach because of its popularity with watersports vendors - banana boats and the like, better to be safe than sorry.

Reading through other blogs entries, there were concern that these incidence were never publicised. I supposed the numbers were still low, and therefore they risk creating panic among the public - who can understandably be hysterics when they hear things like crocodile maiming swimmers in PD, but the lack of public address leave an eery feeling if you ask me. As if there was some sort of cover-up. By informing the public, at least they will become more vigilant and would not venture into beach areas where there are many trees. It would be better to go into more public areas, although one risk their privacy. It will be a small price to pay if you think about it though.

And while I was on the subject, maybe I can share a few more pics of the hotel. As I mentioned, it could do with a renovation as the actually resort had so much potential. Looking around, it was sad to see how the building appear to be crumbling. The room we used for our meeting - called Tampin - was badly in need of renovation, with an up-to-date AV equipment at lease if they can’t afford a new roof tiles. Not to mention the lame food we were served …….. Basically, if I had to pay for my stay, I’d think twice, and apparently the charge the put on were still a premium.

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