Ramadhan is Back!

The fasting month is back. But from looking at what I ate, I probably took more food in total than usual. I basically just gobble them down as fast as I can come iftar. Yes! It was bad but hey, I was hungry. I just can’t help it.

With Ramadhan, came the bazaar where we head out to the stalls buying food for iftar. As usual, I went to Taman Melawati. The usual suspects were there, most of them recognised me by now. There was the middle age lady selling cucur udang - I went there without fail since 2003. There was also our favourite drink stall - the gentleman mix the meanest air asam boi in town, I kid you not. There was also the guy from Sarawak selling terubuk masin. The Kelantanese lady with Nasi Kerabu. The last but not least, the rocker from Sabah with the tasty chicken wing. Yup! I sampled them all. There are now on the table, and iftar is a good 90 minutes away.

For all my Moslem friends, Salam Ramadhan, Happy Fasting, and good luck with the food! You need luck because most of them looked really nice but one may need to use expletive to describe how they taste!

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