On the way to Banting

I went to Banting earlier to take a session with the Final Year Medical Students from UM stationed there for four weeks. It was not the first time. I remember coming here back in 2004 and I have been there once a year since, except for last year. Certainly the town has changed. There are more shops opened, typically of new budding township. Next to the hospital was a brand new District Police Headquarters. The hospital however remained the same, except for a rather confusing one way system. I had to drive round the hospital - not a very big one anyhow - before finding a space to park.

This way

Hospital Banting

I left Gombak just after 7.20, but only arrived at the Hospital around 9.50. Traffic has been awful. I was stuck for a good 30 minutes along the highway near Subang Jaya. Not a good omen since I will be based in Kelang in December and will be taking the same route every morning. I didn’t see any accident. Maybe it was just sheer volume. I only managed to go pass the jam just before 9, and the rest of the journey was smooth sailing. On a good day, I can drive from Gombak to Banting in around 75 minutes.

Old charm

The hospital as I mentioned remained the same. Nice little Emergency Unit and the Medical Wards were both simple and functional. From the students from previous years, they enjoyed the stay there at the hostels. There were a few spots to visit, the beaches and Bukit Jugra amongst others. They used to enjoy a nice internet connection at the hostel but sadly, I was told the connection has been stopped. A shame really, but I am sure they have mobile internet with them.

Time for a quick lunch

I had to rush back to UMMC however for a meeting in the afternoon. This time it was a more leisurely drive, stopping over in Kelang for a spot of lunch. 

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