Trendy Cow!

Moooo!I will be off Saturday - today. Taking Monday off as well, so it will be 4 straight days - woot! Even though I got the feeling that I will have to turn up at the ward on Monday morning to sort something out. Today, after berbuka, I thought I bring the troops out. The boys wanted Marche, so off we went to The Curve. It was a public holiday in Selangor - Nuzul Quran, so the traffic was light coming in, although the car park was packed.

I blogged about the lobby decoration in an earlier entry, but since Idlan was not with us then, he got excited with the kampung house, and was keen to visit our house in Kuala Kangsar during Raya. Hmm! Not a bad idea actually. After a few minutes walking around, we settled for Marche. Unfortunately in the evenings during Ramadhan, they only offered buffet. The boys insisted on pizza. We had a look around and the waiter at Marche suggested that we try Italiannies, just a few doors away. The boys noticed that the Marche bull at the front of the store was decked up with Jalur Gemilang and songkok. Cool!

Decor at the Curve

Italiannies was rather packed even late on in the evening, after the berbuka puasa crowd has left. Since I already had dinner, I decided to just try the salad and desserts. I was so surprised at how fast the service was. As soon as we settled in, we got the bread ready, followed by the salad Puan Anita ordered. My bruchetta came a few minutes after, with the drinks. The pizza came last, and oh boy, did he boys love it. Puan Anita then had creme brule while I tucked into my bread pudding. The portion was huge, so I had to take home half of it - consistent with its slogan, “so much, so good, so share”. The ambiance was nice, complete with a loud Italian family sitting on the next table - I was not joking, they happened to be customers as well. You can’t get any more authentic than that. I was worried that they will start a song anytime soon. The waiters were also very friendly, speaks very good English - mostly Filipinos I think.

Welcoming sign outsideCozyBread and virgin olive oil - nice!BruchettaFor the drinks, I had a mocktail which was really nice. Well, any drinks would have been nice after fasting a whole day. We had a nice time. The boys enjoyed their pizza. After dinner, we had a nice stroll before heading to the car park. We finally made it home close to 11pm.

Pudding to finish things offTime to goWill I recommend Italiannies? Most definitely. I would have preferred to comment more if I had had a main course but from what I sampled, the food there was really nice. In terms of price, it was comparable to similar joints such as Marche and Apartment. I will definitely return again in the future.

More details available here. Address - Lot G75 & G76, Ground Floor, The Curve, No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia - Tel: +603 - 7728 1715.

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