Oh! So posh!

iPad? Rubbish bin?Brought the boys to Pavilion yesterday, since I had to hop round the corner to sort my credit card payment. Thought I would take my camera along to see what the decor was like there. Suffice to say I was disappointed. There was hardly anything, apart from a few decorated trees here and there. THere were not much in the way of Merdeka celebration either. Put it this way, the Ipoh Municipal would have closed the shopping centre if it were located in Ipoh - they insisted on all shops there displaying the National Flag - Jalur Gemilang - at the front of their establishment.

On the way back, I noticed that somebody just stacked away an empty box of iPad at one of the rubbish bins. A quick look around for cameras to make sure it was not a candid camera prank, I took the snap. Oh! So posh!