Cikgu! Oh! Cikgu!

I had an early start last Thursday. A lecture starting at 8 am. It was fine for me but the turn up at the beginning was, should I say, had potential to get bigger! I was used to start on the dot, and really did not mind students trickling in after. I was a student once, and we occasionally had other priorities - I got married in my Final Year, so you can guess what my views on things were. Always an eye at the big price, should I say.

But that was not the theme of this piece, even though I was playing the Cikgu role then. During lunch, while rushing in between my Day Care and a meeting, I heard a voice calling my name. And it was not the way I used to her it. MOHD HARIS FADZILLAH! That was my full name, and the name I was called back at MRSM. It turned out to be my old History teacher from my Terendak days. I did not recognise the lady until she introduced herself as Cikgu Azizah. Even then I had problem lacing her. Only when I got home to talk to Anita that I realised who she was - Anita went to the same school as well.

Apparently, her husband now run the new staff cafe at UMMC. She was still teaching in Negeri Sembilan I think, and was on leave that day when she saw me. I was sure we will bump into each other again from time to time. Anita said, it was not a surprise that people still recognised me as I hardly changed over the years. Once, I had a school-mate from primary who recognised me. Maybe it had something to do with my memory rather than anything else …….

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