Full Weekend

I thought I could have some down time, maybe taking snaps of the Chinese New Year decor, or at least, take the boys out for a relaxing chill out time. The weekend started nicely indeed when we went over to Marche at The Curve for dinner on Friday evening. Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was not as chilled.

Evening at The CurveI spent Saturday at Hospital Ampang, involved in a discussion to draft out the Clinical Practice Guideline for Myeloproliferative Neoplasm. That took the whole afternoon and we decided to stay in on the evening.

Come Sunday morning, my Mum called to remind me about the plan to visit a cousin of hers in Shah Alam that has not been well for some time. She was from Ipoh, but since her illness, his eldest son brought him over. She was admitted twice to one of the medical center in Shah Alam, the second time due to low blood sugar. I suspected that it was due to her combination of diabetes and hypertension drug. She was still under the weather just then, and I wrote a note to her Physician who she planned to meet for a follow-up on Tuesday about the medications I adjusted. I don't care if he was not happy. He has had a couple of chances to sort the combination out. Hopefully he does not carry that big an ego. Unfortunately, this kind of things were not uncommon. I was not impressed with some so-called Consultant they have in the private centers.

They had some rabbits for pet there, keeping the children occupied. It was time for a late lunch when we left. Julia, my sister, wanted to try the lunch buffet at Restoran Rebung. And we did just that.

You can tell it was Chinese New Year. Red hampers all around.Of course we go green.I was watching the ManYoo-Spurs match when I drafted this entry. It was still nil-nil but an excellent game despite that. Liverpool drew against Everton earlier and I had a bet with one of my patient - a Liverpool supporter - about lunch. Hopefully I won't be too sleepy for work tomorrow morning.