Woke up this morning contemplating taking my camera out and drive the 4 km to Batu Caves. It was arguably one of those local festivities that was known worldwide. I have seen Discovery Channel documentary on the event from years past. Even the photograph of the day on BBC featured the celebration in Batu Caves.

Instead, I decided to stay home as I promised to take my in-laws out for lunch. My Mum wanted to have Yee Sang, a traditional Chinese sort-of-appetizer where the everyone toast a selection of nuts, ginger, salmon into a thick splash of sweet honey. We do it almost every year. I already had a Yee Sang on Thursday night at PJ Hilton after the MSH Council Meeting. So I was kind of slow for this one.

This year, we had it at Corus Hotel. It used to be called Ming Court, and since Anita was a child, she was fond of the place. There was also a Japanese eatery at the same hotel, but we prefer PJ Hilton for that. The Chinese dinner here was not bad, and today was no exception. Rather than taking the set meal, we decided just to order a few items as there only 4 of us, an the children.

Later in the afternoon, Anita wanted some retail therapy time, Abd we went to BB Plaza. I wanted to get some new DVDs, but apparently, the place was under surveillance. No pirate DVDs for the day I was afraid. Anita made up more than that from her shopping though. Getting in was murder and I had to park the car around Jalan Alor. The entrance to the BB Plaza car park was closed and getting around the place was almost impossible.

While Anita was shopping, I had a quick wander round to Low Yat. I wanted to check out the Nexus S. Unfortunately, only a single dealer ha it in stock and he offered it to me for RM2500. I thought it was a bit steep. I would give it a couple of weeks and see if the price would come down. I was hoping for something around RM1800. Impossible I guessed.

It was a nice relaxing day, but it will be back to the grind tomorrow. My partner, Bee will be off and I would be looking forward to the big Friday clinic. I also have a stem cell infusion due tomorrow morning as well as other planned tests for the patients. I will then be on call on Saturday. Looking forward to a busy weekend then ...... not!

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